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Rules Of The Forum
Do NOT Link To External Sites Or Non IceeAres Related Sites, In Any Forum, Without Owner/Co-Owner Approval.
You May Private Message "[Image: profile_pm.png]" Or Email "[Image: profile_email.png]" A(n) Owner/Co-Owner To Ask If Your Link Is OK To Post.
This Includes Self Promotion Links/Videos. It Is Ok, But Only If Permitted By A(n) Owner/Co-Owner

You May NOT Post Any Of The Following Material:
  • Nudity
  • Racist
  • Sexist
  • Porn
  • Advertisements
  • Unsafe (Virus) Links/Downloads
You Get The Idea, If You're Too Dumb To Know What Not To Post, Don't Sign Up.
Posting ANY Of The Above WILL Result In A BAN.
Cursing is OK, But Keep It Minimal

Anything Gaming Related, Within Reason, Does NOT Need Approval For Post.

List of Pre-Permitted Sites:
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